Interactive Master Chess


Advanced concepts made easy. This is the basic idea behind Interactive Master Chess. Four-week online courses start every month. Live coaching by GM Lars Bo Hansen and WIM Jen Hansen. Current topic in May is How to win Better Positions. Still possible to try it for free this Thursday, May 21, 7-9 PM EDT.


Virtual classroom environment. Learn-play-learn formula with monitored training games and feedback from Lars and Jen. Learn all details ...

May 18, 2015

Fast Track Chess


Summer Chess Camp, June 22-25


Prepare for the summer tournaments! Four days at this chess camp and you’ll be playing chess on a whole new level. This is a unique program, developed to boost memory, creativity, intuition – and results. Learn how to improve fast with less effort. Number of spots is limited. Register before the class is sold out ...

The distance is no longer an issue when Master Chess goes online on May 7th. Live online sessions with GM Lars Bo Hansen. Topic: How to Win Better Positions. More ...





A Grandmaster lesson doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Learn How to Attack, How to Defend or How not to lose in chess! Download your lessons on Amazon ...


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