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Based in Orlando, Florida, we are running a unique Master Chess Program, specially designed to help good players become even better. Sessions are held once a month in the UCF area. Learn more


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Next Workshop is April 18-19


Topic: Chess as a habit. About how to abandon your bad habits and build up new and more efficient ones.


A leading theme of the workshop is going to be How to ‘rewire’ your brain to start playing better chess, with less effort and fewer mistakes. After all, all you need to do is to find the source of all good moves, right?


This workshop will be our last one for a while.


Register by e-mail to jen@orlandochesshouse.com



Next Master class is April 18-19. Topic: Good chess as a habit. About how you can rewire your brain to play better chess. The source of good moves and More ...

The Master Chess series is created for players who value their time, money, and effort enough to know that chess should be learned the right way from the start. Download the lessons on Amazon...



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