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Based in Orlando, Florida, we organize and run two different monthly chess workshops:


1) Master Workshops: Designed for players USCF 1500+ who wish to learn chess from a Grandmaster. The classes have proven to be a lot better and more affordable alternative to GM lessons. Learn more …


2) Chess for Challengers is our class for kids, levels from beginner up to USCF 1300. We teach chess the right way from the start, which means that no bad habits and wrong thinking patterns will need to be unlearned later. Enroll to learn strategic thinking, analyzing, play and have fun!


Coaches: GM Lars Bo Hansen, Florida State Champion 2012 and 2013 and WIM Jen Hansen. View full profiles …

Take lessons from GM Lars Bo Hansen, NM Martin Hansen or WIM Jen Hansen Lessons are conducted in person in Orlando, FL or online. Learn more ...

Next Master class is October 25-26


Theme: Playing with the Major pieces Read more ...

Download Kidle Lessons by GM Lars Bo Hansen. Links til paperback editions. News about upcoming projects.

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October 28, 2014



Next Workshop, November 8-9

Topic: POSITIONAL PLAY. We are going to work with some of the most requested aspects of positional chess, such as active piece play, initiative, making the right exchanges, and transformations. To most participants, this workshop is going to be an important step in their preparation for the Nationals.


Making the Right Moves under Uncertainty, Oct 10

Insights happen on the edge of a metaphor. The larger the distance between two fields, the more learning potential the metaphor holds.


Thanks to all participants who spent their Friday afternoon with this Chess & Business Seminar, challenging themselves and providing us with priceless feedback!

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