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Turbo-Master Classes: Based in Orlando, Florida, we have designed a special chess program for gifted kids and tournament players of all ages. The program started last fall as two separate classes, one for young players which we called Turbo Chess, and another one – the Master Chess - for advanced players. In January 2014 the two groups merged. The new Turbo-Master Class is held once a month. Archive ...


Coaches: GM Lars Bo Hansen, Florida State Champion 2012 and 2013 and former Head Coach of the Danish National team. WIM Jen Hansen is the #2 player on Florida women list. View our full profiles …


Our approach: Gifted students benefit by working with open-ended challenges, with many possible outcomes. Step-by-step recipes with predetermined results are not much useful in chess. Learn more ...

April 21, 2014



Master-Turbo Class, May 10-11




This workshop is a follow-up on the one in January with the same theme. Of course, this time we are going to work with new types of pawn structures.


Understanding how to play different pawn structures is an important part of mastering chess. Every opening leads to specific pawn configurations. Then, every pawn configuration comes with its specific plans. It is the pawn structure that decides which plans are possible and which are not.


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GM Lars Bo Hansen, NM Martin Hansen and WIM Jen Hansen all work with private students. Lessons are conducted in person in Orlando, FL or online. Learn more ...


Next Master-Turbo class is May 10-11.


Theme: PAWN STRUCTURE CHESS. Read more ...



Our new series of tutorials called Chess Minds is coming out early in 2014. Taking one step at a time, Chess Minds integrates all aspects of learning.


Read the latest news about Turbo Chess and Master Chess. Find out what is coming next. See photos from earlier events.

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