Interactive Master Chess


We are taking a break in July and hopefully will resume in August.


The idea behind the interactive courses is to make advanced concepts look easy. Designed for aspiring Master players.


Each course is a four-week interactive online program with GM Lars Bo Hansen and WIM Jen Hansen as coaches. Homework, notes and additional games every week. Playing exercise for mastering the concepts in every session.

June 30, 2015


One-Day Master Chess, August 1st


Topic: Chess. At Master Level.


The Master Chess classes are back! We hope to see many old and new friends for our next one-day class, Saturday, August 1st.


We are still discussing what the topic is going to be, and we promise to tell you as soon as we agree on something good. More ...

Four-week online courses for aspiring Master players. Interactive live coaching by GM Lars Bo Hansen.

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